2HDM explorer

This is a web-based application for exploring the Two Higgs Doublet Model (2HDM) parameter space.

Note The full dataset contains 140000 parameter points, which require about 14MB (5MB compressed) to be downloaded. So, keep in mind that the loading and preprocessing takes some time and is traffic-consuming.

Note Also that is very demanding to your browser. Use of the modern browser is strongly advised: Google Chrome (best), Safari, Firefox.

If you don't feel like your hardware or software can handle that, then you can try a "reduced" (factor of 10) dataset by clicking the corresponding button. To start exploring, select "Model I" or "Model II" from the box on the left.

Physics details

The model is CP-conserving, softly Z2-breaking 2HDM. The mass of the lightest Higgs is set to Mh = 126 GeV. Other parameters are scanned over a regular grid, as described below. For each of the parameter point it is reqired to pass theoretical constraints: positivity, unitarity and perturbativity. You can impose additional constraints by clicking and dragging the histograms.

Parameter scan grid

Parameter Min Max Step
H mass 200 1000 50
A mass 300 1000 100
H± mass 300 1000 100
m12 0 600 50
tan β 0.1 3 0.5
sin (β-α) 0.5 1 0.0125

Software used

  • 2HDMC: checks the theoretical constraints, provides scalars' widthes and branching ratios. Version 1.41
  • SusHi: calculates cross-sections. Version 1.1.1.
  • LHAPDF: using MSTW2008 sets. LHAPDF version 5.8.5 (the one used in CMSSW_5_3_3 release).
  • Crossfilter.js: a JavaScript library for exploring large multivariate datasets.
  • d3.js: a JavaScript library for data visualization.